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The Endless Mountains Blues Fest is an organized
 non-profit, charity-fundraising annual music event

We're about music, we're about blues
...Most of all, we're about charity.
That has always been our mission and our priority...

Those we have helped with your help-->
we've donated $21,375.00 from our blues fests

"I think I've got something special to say with my music. But I have to keep
these things in perspective, because they're gifts. It's all a gift... and I have
to keep giving it back, or it goes away. If I start believing that it's all my 
doing, it's gonna be my undoing. I'm committing myself to doing the most 
I can with the gifts I have, so that they do as much good as possible."
-Stevie Ray Vaughan

There are currently no plans for Fest 2009


Support our troops and returning veterans
They come from all walks of life.....they need our help
Veterans make up almost a quarter of the homeless population in the US.
The government says there are as many as 200,000 homeless veterans; 
the majority served in the Vietnam War. Some served in Korea and 
WW II. Approximately 2,000 served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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